Meet Cindy, she has been under Dr. Justin’s care since February 2022 and has experienced 5 visits with us. Cindy was referred to us by another patient.

Over a 35 year period I had experienced a decline in my health. I had been to medical doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, and many chiropractors. I had accupuncture and went through an expensive program with a functional medicine doctor. I had just about given up on restoring my health until I was referred to Dr. Stilson. It has been 20 months since I first saw him and my health has definitely improved. He was able to find the root causes of my illness and treat them using the many methods he uses in his practice—access bars, NET, foot baths and the pro-wave machine. The activator method he uses for adjustments is gentle and more effective for me. Dr. Stilson devotes more time to you than other chiropractors I have seen and he and Jacqueline are compassionate and caring. Dr. Justin also referred me to a doctor for treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. By stabilizing my jaw and finding the root causes of my illness, my health has improved significantly. Of course, I have had ups and downs in my healing, but the trajectory is toward a return to health.”

-Julie W.

This place has been great for my emotional and physical health. The husband and wife team exude warmth and compassion. I’ve been amazed by things they were able to help with that I thought were not related to chiropractic care. The whole body is complexly connected and they have so much respect for each and every system. I’m thankful for what this practice does for my family.


Justin is amazing! I went to him not really knowing what to expect but in the month I have been seeing him it has really changed my life. After 27 years of being in pain every day my pain level is reduced significantly allowing me to be a participant in my life not just an observer. His techniques for reducing stress really work. Justin is compassionate and a truly gifted individual. Thank you Dr. Stilson for giving me my life back!

-Heather O.

Dr. Justin is an amazing chiropractor and NET specialist. He has helped me multiple times during clinic and is genuine, he cares about getting your body healthy and your mind so you can live to the fullest of your God given potential.

-Joy B.

Dr. Justin Stilson is amazing. At first, I was very skeptical going to a chiropractor but he truly helped me with the issues I’ve had for over 10 years. I highly recommend him!

-Joann G.

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