My name is Helen Currier and I want to share my experience with Dr. Stilson. I had been on pain medication for several years and was going for steroid shots in my back due to serious spinal problems. Sometimes they worked but most of the time the relief was temporary. I was having to take more and more pain medications just to get out of bed and do normal household chores like cooking and washing laundry. I sat a lot in my easy chair as that was the only way to relieve my pain. I wanted an alternative to medication, and a better life, so I went to another person my niece had recommended. That person was unable to help me and sent me to Dr. Stilson.

I met Dr. Stilson at a chiropractic clinic in Carrollton, Texas. He was a student at Parker University College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. He later moved to Dr. Silver’s clinic in Richardson where I continued to see him.

He was very professional and friendly and put me at ease immediately. The initial examination was lengthy but it alerted Dr. Stilson to my problems with the pain in my neck, shoulders, back, knees and left leg. He said he could help me and showed me the instrument he would be using called an activator. I had been to chiropractic doctors before and I was confused. I asked him if he was going to “pop” my bones and he said no, this new way was better. I was skeptical but decided to stick with him for several treatments. It took many treatments, and months but my pain subsided little by little. Soon I was feeling well enough to start exercising on my bike and found I didn’t sit as long in my easy chair. I even started to cook again much to the delight of my husband. I continued to see Dr. Stilson twice a week for an adjustment and continued to get better. I even stopped taking my pain medications.

I highly recommend Dr. Justin Stilson to anyone who’s in need of pain relief due to injury, spine problems, headaches, or anyone who just wants to feel better. My only regret was when he left to go to Montana to begin his own practice there.

Helen E. Currier

Justin is amazing! I went to him not really knowing what to expect but in the month I have been seeing him it has really changed my life. After 27 years of being in pain every day my pain level is reduced significantly allowing me to be a participant in my life not just an observer. His techniques for reducing stress really work. Justin is compassionate and a truly gifted individual. Thank you Dr. Stilson for giving me my life back!

Heather O.

Justin is well-educated and compassionate. He was created to work in this field, no doubt.

Cameo S.

Dr. Justin is an amazing chiropractor and NET specialist. He has helped me multiple times during clinic and is genuine, he cares about getting your body healthy and your mind so you can live to the fullest of your God given potential.

Joy B.

Dr. Justin Stilson is amazing. At first, I was very skeptical going to a chiropractor but he truly helped me with the issues I’ve had for over 10 years. I highly recommend him!

Joann G.

Dr Stilson is an amazing chiropractor, more than that he is very caring & compassionate. I highly recommend him!

Lynne S.