Auto Injuries

You Always Need to See Your Chiropractor Soon after Auto Injuries

Whether your car gets bumped in a fender bender or your survive a head-on crash, you always need to see your chiropractor as soon as possible, even in the first 24 hours, for diagnosis of possible auto injuries. Not only will you potentially save yourself months or even years of progressive pain and disability, you will have better evidence for claims you need to make on your insurance or the other driver's policy. Here are three things Dr. Justin Stilson, your chiropractor in Great Falls, MT, at Activated Life Chiro Wellness, wants you to know about chiropractic care for injuries after car crashes.


Auto Injuries Can Be Subtle

Even a crash at 2 miles per hour can knock the bones of your spine out of alignment, but you probably won't notice the effects of your auto injuries right away. That's particularly true of whiplash and neck injuries.

The vertebrae in your cervical spine, the part of your spine that holds up your neck, are different from the rest of your spine. They are attached directly to your neck muscles. Tiny tears in the muscles of your neck don't cause you any problems until they begin to heal, days to weeks after they are injured. The repair process for injured muscles involves inflammation and swelling that pulls directly on your spine, and then when your spine pinches nerves coming out of your neck bones, you have pain and loss of mobility. This can happen so long after a fender bender you don't even remember the initial injury.

Pain and Disability after Auto Injuries Are Cumulative

Untreated auto injuries usually just get worse and worse. You may have a collection of symptoms that don't seem connected to your injuries. At first, you may just feel "off." It may make you anxious or fidgety. You may have an odd reaction to heat or cold. You may feel a little stiff, but it may come and go. There are cases that severe pain and immobility only started several years after a car accident. The longer you put off your visit with your chiropractor, the worse the pain and immobility get.

Your Chiropractor Has Multiple Methods of Treating Auto Injuries, and All of Them Drug-Free

Your chiropractor can help you regain normal alignment of your spine through chiropractic manipulation, but there are many more techniques for relieving pain and restoring range of motion. Let Dr. Justin Stilson show you the right treatments and the right exercises to do at home to regain your active life after auto injuries.

Dr. Justin Stilson Is Here to Help

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