Our Vision and Values

Activated Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center strives to make your health the best it can be. Health has many definitions and it may be different for each person. In this office, we look at health as a whole, hence our motto, “Caring for your whole health”. We believe that health consists of the following components: Physical/Structural, Mental/Emotional, Nutritional, and Chemical. Health is a choice. Let us help you become aware of the healing power within you. We care about YOU! At Activated Life Chiropractic our number one value is you! We acknowledge that you have the power of healing within you and that your nervous system is adaptable to your surroundings. Our job is to facilitate health by detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations to enhance your nervous system to its optimum potential.

Meet Justin Stilson D.C.

Dr. Justin is from a fourth generation farm and ranch in Lewistown, Montana. Where his twin brother, Jordan is the 4th generation on the ranch. Dr. Justin’s chiropractic story started in 5th grade where after a trip to the chiropractor for a common cold he saw how impactful the chiropractor was able to help him. After that experience he decided that was “what he wanted to be when he grew up”. Dr. Justin attended Montana State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance 2015.

Then he went on to Parker University College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas for chiropractic school. Through his time in chiropractor school he was adjusted with an Activator Methods and that was pivotal moment for his chiropractic journey. Dr. Justin graduated in December of 2018 with his doctorate in chiropractic. He opened Activated Life Chiropractic and Wellness in January 2019 in Great Falls, Montana.

Dr. Justin is the only Advanced Proficiency Activator Methods Chiropractor in Montana. He was recognized by Activator Methods in spring 2021 for his offices success in the first two years in practice. Dr. Justin is also a Level 2 Nero Emotional Technic (NET) Practitioner, Matrix Repatterining Provider, and Network Spinal Facilitator. With all of these techniques in his tool bag he approaches the whole person and body in the practice in a low force way, which stems the clients motto “Caring for your whole health.”

Meet Jacqueline Stilson

Jacqueline is our office manger, an Access Bars Facilitator, and her favorite role of all Dr. Justin Stilson’s wife. She earned her degree in Marketing and Business from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Jacqueline loves to travel, her two fur babies Joey and Toby, serving at her church and a local camp called Royal Family Kids Camp the serves local foster children.

After one experience with Access Bars she found peace and a calmness that was new for her after dealing with ADD and ADHD all of her life. Jacqueline now has a greater appreciation for helping people find new awareness.

Meet Rachel Johnston

Rachel is our chiropractic professional. She was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin. She moved to the big beautiful skies of Montana in 2018 with her husband and 4 children. She has previously worked in a retina clinic setting before making the big move out west. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, anything to do near the water, as well as overall being and exploring the beautiful outdoors. Whether you need someone to talk to or a listening ear, you will find her at the front desk in our clinic. She enjoys a good laugh too! She is very grateful to be here.